Do you have your documents loaded and ready to start measuring in Stratosphere? First, you'll have to set the page scale, which we'll walkthrough below. Keep in mind that if you ever need to re-set the scale you can follow the exact same steps and update all measurements automatically.

  1. To get to the Scale setup first click on the “Documents” tab on the left side toolbar and then click the page you want to set the scale on
  2. In the right-side toolbar you will see options for this specific page under the page properties
  3. When setting the scale you have two options: typing in a given scale, or calibrating off a known measurement
  4. To type in the scale, select “Imperial” or “Metric” units from the dropdown menu and then assign the scale in inches-to-feet or centimeters-to-meters (there are additional options for metric scale units as well)
  5. To calibrate the scale, first find a known measurement on the plan and click the “Calibrate Page Scale” button. Use the cursor to precisely measure the length of the known measurement and then type in that length into the empty box in the right-side toolbar that now appears in the “Scale” section. Click calibrate, and you’re done

Want to see it in action? Check out this short video below: