The "NAME#?" error in Excel occurs when the Stratosphere Excel add-in has not been activated properly. There are two ways to solve this issue, and we'll start with the easier of the two.

First, let's check to see which add-ins are active. If the Excel add-in was installed properly, we should be able to simply activate the add-ins and be ready to go.

  1. Click the File menu in Excel and then click Options
  2. When the Options menu opens, click the section on the left side labeled Add-ins
  3. Now we'll select Excel Add-ins with the dropdown menu highlighted in this screenshot and press the Go... button
  4. Once you click the Go... button you'll see this window appear. Now we want to make sure the proper add-ins are active, so check the two boxes highlighted in the screenshot below and press Ok

If you do not see those add-ins, or an error message appears when you attempt to activate them, we will have to try the second approach, which is to uninstall and reinstall the add-in. To do this, you can follow the instructions for uninstalling programs here, and you can reinstall the latest version of the Excel add-in by downloading here and following the prompts in the installer. Note that the add-in can often generate this error when the destination folder for the install is changed. We highly encourage following the default install path.