Replace Plan:

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The replace plan feature allows you to swap out the original PDF that was used to do takeoffs with a revised plan.  Some rules apply.  First, you can only swap out a single PDF image/plan with another single PDF image/plan.  This may require you to strip out a particular page from a multi-page PDF file before you can use the replace plan feature.  Both plans must be at the same scale.  Here are the steps for replacing a plan.

1. Before you replace a plan, if you have generated quantities and sent those quantities from the original plan back to Excel you will want to save your spreadsheet. Let's assume the saved spreadsheet is called - Stapleton Project.  

2. Next, with the original spreadsheet open you will go to the Stratosphere tab in Excel and click on the Settings icon.  Under Settings (see below), you will see a new menu option called Other Options.  Under "Other Options", there will be an option called "Turn on auto-refresh".  If we uncheck this box, it will prevent your original takeoffs from being overwritten by the new quantities generated using the revised plan.  This will allow you to compare the quantities generated with the original plan with the quantities generated with the revised plan.  We recommend turning the auto-refresh off on only the original spreadsheet with the original plan.

3.  With the original spreadsheet open, go to the File pull-down menu in Excel and select "Save As".  Save your spreadsheet under a different name.  For example - Stapleton Project Revision 1.  When we open the Stapleton Project Revision 1 spreadsheet the plans linked to this spreadsheet are still the original plans.  Go back to the Settings icon on the Stratosphere tab (in Excel) and select Other Options.  Because we will be generating new takeoffs with the revised plan we want to check the box and turn the "auto-refresh" back on.

4. Next, go to any cell that has a Stratosphere quantity (in Excel) and click on the VIEW icon.  This will launch Stratosphere.  Go to the Document tab in Stratosphere and select Add Plan.  Upload the revised plan for the Stapleton project then come back to the Stratosphere Documents tab.  All of the plans linked to this spreadsheet will be displayed under the Documents tab.  Find the page you want to replace and hover your mouse over the page.  You will see a new icon to the left of the trash can icon.  This is the replace plan icon.  When you click on the replace plan icon the Document window will appear with a list of all of the plans you have uploaded to your Stratosphere account.  Select the revised plan you just uploaded.  Remember you can only swap a single page/plan for a single page/plan and the scale must be the same on both files.  Before Stratosphere swaps out the plan, it will create and download a PDF file with a picture of the original plan with all of the original takeoffs.  The printout will also include the legend.  The PDF file will be saved to the Downloads folder.

The revised plan will now show in the measuring window with your original takeoffs overlaying the revised page.  You will be able to see where the original takeoffs don't match up with the new plan. You will edit, add, and delete until you are satisfied that all the adjustments have been made.

5. Once you are done making your edits, you will return to your spreadsheet and click the REFRESH icon.  This will update your spreadsheet with the new quantities.

You now have 2 spreadsheets.  One is called the Stapleton Project and the other spreadsheet is called Stapleton Project Revision 1.  The auto-refresh has been disabled on the spreadsheet titled Stapleton Project.  The quantities in the Stapleton Project spreadsheet are the original takeoff quantities.  The Stapleton Project Revision 1 spreadsheet has the auto-refresh turned on. The quantities in the Stapleton Revision 1 spreadsheet are the most current quantities.  You will repeat this process if there are additional revisions (Stapleton Project Revision 2, Stapleton Project Revision 3, etc.).